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GODLIKE design – precision edition

 Powder transfer tray

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Unique GODLIKE Shaker in GODLIKE design – precision edition. Easy to wash. measuring scale indicated on the side – max. 500 ml.

Instruction: To avoid lumps and sticking the powder to the sides, add water first and then the powClose the shaker and mix at least 30 seconds.
Before first use: Wash the shaker with hot water and detergent.
Cleaning: Wash the shaker with hot water and detergent.
WARNING: Do not use with sparkling water. It is not intended for freezer or dishwasher.

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How often can I take GODLIKE?

Given the amount of caffeine and other active substances, it is advisable to take a maximum of one dose of GODLIKE (10 g of powder + 400 ml of water) per day.

Who is GODLIKE intended for?

We have not only developed GODLIKE for professional athletes, but also for drivers, top-level managers and all those who need to effectively replenish their energy, kick-start their brain and work at 100% capacity.

Why is GODLIKE in powder form?

It is thanks to its loose powder form that GODLIKE can hold substantially more functional substances and, thus, be several times more efficient than competing tablets.

Is GODLIKE fully instant?

Using a shaker helps you to create a fully instant drink, but it is not purely transparent – there are small pieces of plant extract floating around in the drink that cannot be dissolved naturally. However, they have no effect on the taste.

Can I use GODLIKE as a substitute for food or drinks?

NO! GODLIKE is not a substitute for a varied diet, nor does it serve to increase hydration. Every professional knows that a good diet and hydration form the alpha and omega of a properly functioning body.

When should I use GODLIKE?

GODLIKE should be taken approximately 15 minutes before your event. The effect will gradually start to kick in, bringing you a pleasant feeling of increased energy and improved concentration for several hours.

What effect can I expect from GODLIKE?

GODLIKE is a legal food supplement with plant extracts for brain health. Don’t expect a high like with abused drugs, which we think is absolutely inappropriate for delivering the best performance. GODLIKE will help you enter a pleasant FLOW and keep you there for as long as possible.

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