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GODLIKE uplifts your game performance to a brand new level! The mix of natural ingredients guarantees you to achieve perfect concentration, and the active substances nourish your brain and eyes.

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About product

GODLIKE gives you a great boost of energy, helps you concentrate and give first-rate performances, not only when playing games. Due to its active substances and natural ingredients, it also nourishes your brain!


Powder containing inulin, choline, tyrosine, citrulline, taurine, ginko biloba, microencapsulated caffeine, natural extracts, glucuronolactone, and sweeteners. Especially suitable for eSport gamers. Apple flavoured food supplement. High in caffeine.


Take 1 dose – 3/4 measuring cup (mix 10 g in 400 mL of water) about 15 minutes before playing. Never exceed 1 dose a day. It is not recommended to mix the product with alcohol or other stimulants.


The product is not intended for children, or pregnant or breast-feeding women. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place up to 25 °C away from direct sunlight. Protect from frost. The manufacturer is not liable for damage caused by improper use or storage. The product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Made in a facility processing milk, eggs, soya beans, shellfish, fish oil, nuts.


Dose = 10 g (1 measuring cup) 10 g
Inuline 3000 mg
Choline Bitartrate of which Choline 1000 mg 398 mg
L-Tyrosine 1000 mg
L-Citruline 500 mg
Taurine 500 mg
TIMERELEASE Microenkapsulated Caffeine with gradual release of which caffeine 250 mg 200 mg
Gingo biloba (leaft extract) of which flavone glycosides 80 mg 19 mg
Citrus auratium extract (4 % Synephrine) 75 mg
Cognizin® (Citicoline) 50 mg
D-Glucuronolactone 50 mg
Brahmi extract (Bacopa monnieri, standardized to 40 % Bacosides) 20 mg
Total caffeine (from all sources) 200 mg
Allergens none

Active substances

Sorted by quantity in the composition


Inulin is a soluble fibre with many benefits. It doesn’t increase your blood sugar and maintains a healthy intestinal microflora while delaying the feeling of hunger.


Choline contributes to a properly functioning nervous system. It prevents the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the body, thereby protecting the liver and gallbladder while having a positive effect on the heart.


L-Tyrosine is a very important amino acid that stimulates the central nervous system. An excellent anti-stress substance that ranks among the strongest antioxidants.


L-Citrulline has a positive effect on the immune system and on lowering your blood pressure – it helps to expand the blood vessels. It is also of great significance in reducing fatigue.


Taurine promotes brain and heart activity and improves your overall concentration. Furthermore, its exceptional ability to lower your cholesterol reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.


TIMERELEASE Caffeine increases alertness and endurance, supplies the body with energy and has a positive effect on your mood. Additionally, this sustained-release caffeine form works for 6 to 12 hours!

Gingo biloba

Ginkgo biloba has a lot of effects on the brain as well as the heart. Ginkgo improves memory, focus, speeds up thinking, improves blood circulation and counteracts depression, anxiety and migraine.

Citrus auratium extract

Bitter orange peel extract has a stimulating effect, similar to caffeine. It speeds up the metabolism, allowing the body to burn calories faster.

Cognizin® (Citicoline)

Cognizin® is the right nutrient for brain health – it supports concentration, attention and memory. It also helps with thinking in everyday life and during a game.


D-Glucuronolactone acts as a detoxifying agent and additionally participates in the production of vitamin C, it has significant influence on improving your concentration and memory.

Brahmi extract (bacopa)

Bacopa monnieri (brahmi) is a herb used to strengthen and regenerate the nervous system. It is often used in Ayurvedic medicine to support memory retention and has also been proven to be effective in improving your ability to learn.



How often can I take GODLIKE?

Given the amount of caffeine and other active substances, it is advisable to take a maximum of one dose of GODLIKE (10 g of powder + 400 ml of water) per day.

Who is GODLIKE intended for?

We have not only developed GODLIKE for professional athletes, but also for drivers, top-level managers and all those who need to effectively replenish their energy, kick-start their brain and work at 100% capacity.

Why is GODLIKE in powder form?

It is thanks to its loose powder form that GODLIKE can hold substantially more functional substances and, thus, be several times more efficient than competing tablets.

Is GODLIKE fully instant?

Using a shaker helps you to create a fully instant drink, but it is not purely transparent – there are small pieces of plant extract floating around in the drink that cannot be dissolved naturally. However, they have no effect on the taste.

Can I use GODLIKE as a substitute for food or drinks?

NO! GODLIKE is not a substitute for a varied diet, nor does it serve to increase hydration. Every professional knows that a good diet and hydration form the alpha and omega of a properly functioning body.

When should I use GODLIKE?

GODLIKE should be taken approximately 15 minutes before your event. The effect will gradually start to kick in, bringing you a pleasant feeling of increased energy and improved concentration for several hours.

What effect can I expect from GODLIKE?

GODLIKE is a legal food supplement with plant extracts for brain health. Don’t expect a high like with abused drugs, which we think is absolutely inappropriate for delivering the best performance. GODLIKE will help you enter a pleasant FLOW and keep you there for as long as possible.

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